About Francis-Barnett Electric Bikes

The Francis-Barnett brand was founded in 1919 with the aim of not only producing bikes for enthusiasts but also targeting the need for reasonably priced personal transport. These new bikes, whilst not motorcycles, still follow the ethos of the original founders. They are a quality, hand built, mode of transport for the modern era.

Francis-Barnett FBSTClassic electric bikes

The new vintage styled bicycles will have the distinctive Francis-Barnett livery and will be equipped with electric bike technology. The step-through and cross-bar style bikes will be hand finished at the Batribike facility in Lincolnshire. The bikes will feature a 7 speed shimano hub gear in the rear wheel and a 250W brushless motor in the front wheel. The motor will be powered by a 36v 10Ah, Samsung, lithium battery.

Motorcycling Heritage

The Francis-Barnett brand produced bikes from 1919 until 1966. They also produced an autocycle, which they called the Powerbike, this was essentially a bicycle with pedals and a very small engine. The Francis-Barnett Electric Bicycle is now re-imagined for today.

Francis-Barnett classic electric bikes

Francis-Barnett electric bicycles are made under license by Batribike
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