About Lindsey-West European Electric Bikes

European electric bikes by Lindsey-West Bicycle Company

Lindsey-West Bicycle Company is a sister company to Batribike, it is owned and run by the Coulson family who are directors of Fallowgate Ltd. The business was set up to import small numbers of batch produced European electric bikes to complement the Batribike range.

Quality and style

Lindsey-West 001The bikes are hand built and of excellent quality. The factory where they are produced has been making bicycles since 1948 so they know a thing or two about two-wheeled transport! These European electric bikes come with a full back up of service and warranty in the UK.

The frames and styling of the bikes give them a very European feel. The classic elegance of city riding is combined with great quality components to make them equally at home in the countryside. Easy to use controls allow riders to take hills and headwinds in their stride.

Lincolnshire heritage

The name Lindsey-West has close ties to the Lincolnshire region where the business is based. The ancient Kingdom of Lindsey lay between the Humber and the Wash with Lincoln as its capital. The Lindsey-West Bicycle Company headstock label is designed to reflect the heritage of the area with the head of the Lincoln Imp and also ears of corn to reflect the local agriculture.

Lindsey-West – an emblem rooted in the past but looking towards the technology of the future.

Visit the Lindsey-West website for more information on the European electric bikes

Lindsey-West European electric bikes

L-W 120 (Minerva branded) European Built Electric bike

Lindsey-West Electric Bikes are distributed in the UK by Fallowgate Limited
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