Battery Information

The information contained on this page will help you ensure that you get a long life from your Lithium Battery supplied with your Batribike Electric Bicycle or Tricycle.

You can download a PDF version of this information to keep as a handy reference.

Battery Life

Most electric bicycle companies quote the number of “charge cycles” when describing battery life. This can be somewhat misleading or confusing to the consumer as many factors, including time and the way a battery is used will affect its life span.

Lithium Atom

Batribike Lithium batteries have been tested by the manufacturer in their factory to 1000 charge cycles. This is done on a test rig which fully charges and then immediately discharges the battery (this is what is classed as 1 charge cycle). This procedure is then continually repeated until the battery has reached 1000 charge cycles. The battery is deemed to have passed the test if, after 1000 charge cycles, the battery still has at least 80% of its original capacity.

The testing is carried out under controlled conditions of constant temperature and constant discharge rate, and each charge cycle is repeated immediately after the last one. Clearly in a real usage situation these conditions cannot be replicated. Although the number of charge cycles is an indication that can be used to compare different batteries, it is not realistic to expect a battery to last 1000 charge cycles in normal use. If the battery was not used very often and was just charged at the minimum required interval of 1 month, then 1000 charge cycles would be the equivalent of 1000 months or 83 1/3 years!

Without doubt you cannot expect a battery to last 83 1/3 years, so it is important to understand that other factors, as well as charging and discharging, affect its lifespan. Rechargeable Lithium batteries like to be used regularly. A battery used every day is likely to last more charge cycles than one used infrequently. This can be seen in rechargeable batteries that are used in everyday objects such as mobile phones and power tools. Those items that are used and charged regularly have a better lifespan than those that are left inactive for periods of time.

Factors that can affect the lifespan of a battery include:-

From the information above it can be seen that it is impossible to give an accurate guide to the actual number of charge cycles that a battery can achieve.

Some Batribike owners are still using their original batteries over 5 years from their original purchase date but it would be sensible for someone who commutes regularly on their Batribike to budget for a new battery every couple of years.

Instead of giving the number of charge cycles as an indication of battery life, Batribike gives a 1 year warranty which will be increased free of charge to 2 years* if the warranty is registered within 28 days of purchase. This can be done by filling in the online warranty registration form.*

* applies to new electric bicycles purchased from 11th March 2013 and subject to conditions published on the Batribike website.

Battery Care

Batribike use Lithium batteries for their electric bicycle power and the following relates to Lithium based battery care. These points will directly affect battery life and performance.


Batteries do not like to be stored in very hot or very cold conditions or to be subject to conditions of high moisture. They also do not like to be left in a fully discharged state. If Lithium batteries are left flat for an extended period they may no longer be functional.


Lithium batteries (and indeed any type of rechargeable battery) do not like to be left discharged. It is good practice to recharge as soon as is reasonably possible after the battery goes flat. We recommend charging after every ride, that way your electric bike is always ready for your next outing.

Other important information

Battery Disposal

All batteries should be disposed of responsibly. Your Batribike Lithium battery is no different and most local authorities offer recycling and disposal facilities. Alternatively, you may return your battery to Batribike for disposal.

Battery Warranty Terms & Conditions

These can be seen in the sidebar on the Warranty Registration page.

Warranty Upgrade Offer

Register your bike for a free upgrade to 2 year battery warranty (Subject to Terms & Conditions) Applies to Batribike Electric Bicycles supplied by Fallowgate Limited after 11th March 2013.

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