L-W 001

This Step-Through Dutch Style bike is perfect for both the urban commute or leisure rides in the countryside.

Hand Built in the EU with quality components throughout, including a Samsung battery and five level power delivery. Certified to the latest EN 15194 standards.

This model has a powerful 250W front hub motor, rear hub gears and continental style rear coaster brake.

Electric Bike Demo Day, Ipswich

Free Electric Bike Insurance

lexham_logoIn an exciting new initiative Batribike has teamed up with Lexham Insurance, one of the country’s leading two wheel brokers, to offer a one months free insurance* with every new Batribike, Francis-Barnett and V’Lec electric bike.

Scheme starts Monday 21st March 2016

The new electric bike insurance scheme starts today, Monday 21st March 2016, perfectly in time for customers purchasing new bikes over the Easter holidays.

To activate the insurance all you need to do is either, fill in and return the card supplied with your new bike, or follow the link here and fill in your details on line.

Electric bike insurance

The policy has great key features -

  • Theft and Accidental Damage
  • £1 Million Public Liability
  • New for old replacement up to 3 years old
  • Sportlife events
  • Legal Assistance
  • European cover (30 days in one trip, 90 days in a annual policy)
  • Replacement Cycle Hire

If at the end of the month you choose to take out a one year policy, as an added bonus for activating the free insurance you will also receive one year FREE breakdown cover.

The insurance is also suitable for those who already have an electric bike. Read more about it and the discount available for bikes with Datatag fitted on our dedicated Electric Bike Insurance page.

*terms and conditions apply, cover is not in force until policy is received.

Lexham Insurance Consultants Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Batribike Electric Bike Insurance

Electric Bike Insurance

Electric bike insurance is something that many new owners are interested in. In the past this has meant a time consuming search to find out which companies will insure an electric bike or whether it would be covered under personal household insurance.

Electric bike insurance is not required by law, but it could give you peace of mind.

At Batribike we wanted to offer our customers the convenience of getting cover easily at the start of their ownership.

Batribike one month FREE insurance

Batribike has teamed up with Lexham Insurance, one of the country’s leading two wheel brokers, to offer a one months free insurance* with every new Batribike, Francis-Barnett and V’Lec electric bike.

To activate the insurance all you need to do is either, fill in and return the card supplied with your new bike, or follow the link here and fill in your details online. You are not required to supply any financial details to activate the one month free insurance.

Special offer for Batribike owners

If, after the one month free insurance, you decided to take advantage of a one year policy, Lexham Insurance will give you one year FREE breakdown cover. In addition, all electric bikes fitted with the Datatag UV “Stealth” PRO Cycle System will benefit from a 10% discount from the standard insurance price. Batribike and Francis-Barnett models come with this system as standard.

The insurance is also suitable for those who already have an electric bike. Remember that you can still benefit from the 10% discount if you have a Datatag already fitted to your bicycle.

Follow this link to get an instant quote


The Lexham electric bike insurance comes with great benefits including theft and accidental damage, new for old replacement up to 3 years old and £1M public liability, optional extras are available too.

Safe and secure

As with all insurance policies it is important to lock your bike securely when unattended. Lexham Insurance requires a Sold Secure Silver lock for bikes up to a value of £1500 and a Sold Secure Gold lock for those over £1500.

 *terms and conditions apply, cover is not in force until you receive your policy.

lexham_logoLexham Insurance Consultants Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


(Electric bike insurance is also available from other insurance companies.)

Electric Bike Demo Day Paignton

Lincoln Bikes Demo Weekend

Happy Highlander

We recently received this review via our web review form:-

Went to have a demonstration at Easygo Linlithgow. Intention was to evaluate the possibility of a future purchase. So impressed with the bikes and by the owner, that ended up purchasing two Diamond Pro Batribikes and a new rack to transport them.

My wife and I are both in our seventies and feel this is a great way to extend the number of years we can continue cycling.

The owner, Gordon Cullen was very helpful and straightforward to deal with. I recommend both the product and the dealer.

All Batribike electric bikes conform to speed and power regulations

The latest electric bike regulations came into force on the 1st January 2016 and that should have been an end to the confusion over what is legal. However there has been one other grey area, and that is for what is termed “speed pedelecs”. These bikes have larger motors, higher speed and often off-road switches and are only legal in some countries of Europe.

The Bicycle Association (BAGB) and the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) came together last week to publish a press release that explains that anything outside of the new electric bike regulations is classified as a moped with all the attendant regulations and permits that they require. Off-road switches do not make these bikes compliant with current laws.

All Batribike electric bikes fall within the legal requirements for an electric bike to be classed as a bicycle.

A Batribike can go where a bicycle can go, with no requirement for registration, MOT, insurance or licence!

The press release dated 2nd March 2016 is copied below for information.

Electric bicycles and mopeds: there are no ‘grey areas’

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) and the Bicycle Association of Great Britain (BA) are concerned that some sellers are unaware of, or ignoring, the rules surrounding high powered electric bicycles.

Both associations are fielding enquiries regarding the exploitation of a ‘grey area’, whereby high powered bikes are bought for ‘off-road use’, in the mistaken belief that this makes them exempt from existing rules.

In order for an electric bike to enjoy the same rights as an ordinary pedal cycle, it should have working pedals, not exceed 250 watts and the electrical assistance should cut out when the bike reaches 15.5mph.

In the UK, an electric bike over 250W is legally classified as a moped if it is to be ridden on the road.  Mopeds must be ‘type approved’*, registered, taxed, insured and have an MOT.  The rider must have the appropriate licence/training and wear a helmet.

If an electric bike over 250W is intended for off-road use in the UK, then it must comply with the same rules which apply to off-road motorcycles.  That means riders are barred from using public roads, common land, paths or tracks intended for cyclists and must be registered on an agreed list for off-road competition bikes, known as the FIM competition list.

MCIA and BA would also remind anyone who owns or is selling an e-bike that it makes no difference if the machine has a switch to flick between a higher and lower power setting. The higher power rating is the rating that the bike needs to be classified by.

Steve Garidis, Operations Director of the BA, said:

“The vast majority of the industry understands its obligations and is highly professional in the way it sells electric bicycles, but it’s vital all sellers understand there is really no ‘grey area’ when it comes to when an electric bicycle must be treated as a moped.  ‘Speed pedelecs’ for example, a category of faster e-bike becoming popular in Germany and other countries, are categorised as mopeds in the UK.  They have motors more powerful than 250W and offer power assist to a higher speed than 25km/h (15.5mph). Unlike in Germany, there are no regulations which exempt speed pedelecs from any of the standard moped requirements in the UK, so the machine must be type approved, registered, taxed, insured; the rider must have a suitable licence and wear a full motorbike helmet, and be over 16.”

Dave Luscombe, MCIA’s Project Manager for Alternative Powered Vehicles, explained the situation for off-road use:

“Telling someone they are ‘okay on private land’ is seriously misleading, unless you make them understand they probably need to own the land themselves.  High powered off-road electric bikes currently fall within rules meant for off-road motorcycle sport.  That means they can’t access areas where, for example, motocross machines are barred. They can’t use public roads, common land or any trails or paths intended for bicycles and the bike must be registered on the FIM competition list, which is a list agreed by all EU manufacturers for bikes used in off-road sport.  Dealers must make the restricted access very clear to people who may believe they can use cycle trails.”

To recap

  • For an e-bike to be treated legally as a bicycle in the UK it must be 250W or less, must have pedals and the power assistance must cut out at 15.5mph.  Anything else is treated in law as a moped.
  • Speed pedelecs are currently treated in UK law as mopeds, with no exemptions from moped requirements.

Anything over 250W and intended for off-road use is classified similarly to a motocross machine and must be FIM registered and can only go where regular motocross bikes are legally permitted to go.

Diamond web review form

Never been a great cyclist but always enjoyed the freedom that a bike ride gives you. At 69 I thought my cycling days were over as soon become short of breath however I tried my step-daughters Diamond and was immediately smitten.

Purchased my own bike a couple of weeks ago and it is fantastic. Gets me out into the fresh air and gives me the amount of excercise that I can cope with and a great feeling of satisfaction. My wife says that I return with a great grin after every ride.
It copes well with the steepest and longest hills out of our town. With pedal assist managed 12mph up a 1/2 mile hill.

The information on the LCD is impressive. The most disappointing feature is the lighting as I am not satisfied that they are bright enough to be seen. I have added my own lights although found it difficult to fix the rear ligh as the carrier frame is quite thin and the lights would not tighten. ( I note that my step daughter has also added an additional rear light ).

Great buy.

Batribike now available in Dumfries, Scotland

Batribike is delighted to announce that A and G Motorcycles in Dumfries is now an official Batribike electric bicycles and Cykell bike carrier stockist.

The family run business is a two wheeler specialist that now includes the Batribike range in its showroom. Contact A and G Motorcycles to arrange a test ride.

A and G Motorcycles - electric bike

A and G Motorcycles - Cykell