Batribike Staff Member Gains Cytech Qualifications

Cytech logoWe are delighted that another member of our technical staff has gained Cytech qualifications.

Cytech is the international benchmark in bicycle maintenance. Cytech is owned by the UK cycle industry via the Association of Cycle Traders (ACT) and was developed over 25 years ago.

Danny Smith has recently attended the three-day Technical One course, and the eight-day Technical Two course; which also included wheel building, and has passed both with flying colours.

ACT logoDanny has been with us for some time and these qualifications recognise the experience and knowledge that he has gained.

We are pleased to congratulate Danny on his achievement.

Merioneth County Show

Batribike chats with Adam Henson at Countryfile Live!

Batribike was invited to be on the Datatag stand at the BBC Countryfile Live stand at Blenheim Palace last weekend.

This was the first time that the popular BBC Countryfile programme had staged a live event for the public to attend. The event covered all sorts of countryside activities. We know from our customers that riding their electric bike in the countryside is certainly something they enjoy, so we were delighted to be at the event to spread the word.

Adam Henson of Adam’s Farm

Adam Henson, one of the programmes presenters came down to see us on the stand. He is an advocate for security marking and said that he has Datatag on all of his tractors.

We were delighted to show him the Batribike electric bikes we had on the stand, he was very pleased to hear that we fit the Datatag system as standard.

Batribike and Adam Henson

The beautiful weather and setting in the grounds of Blenheim Palace certainly helped the show to be an enormous success and we hear now that it is set to become an annual event.

Thames Valley Police promotes security marking

We also met members of Thames Valley Police on the stand. Security marking is important as it reduces crime and aids in returning recovered property.

Thames Valley Police

Batribike fits Datatag as standard

Datatag produces a range of security marking systems suitable for equipment from construction plant and agricultural machinery, trailers, quad bikes and saddles to bicycles. Batribike fits the Stealth Pro Cycle system to all its electric bikes, as part of a package alongside a one month free electric bike insurance from Lexham, one of the country’s leading brokers.

Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace

New Batribike Stockist in Rugeley, Staffordshire

Edwin FerneyhoughWe are delighted to announce that Edwin Ferneyhough Vehicle Sales in Rugeley, Staffordshire is now a Batribike and Francis-Barnett electric bikes stockist.

Company owner Edwin has 25 years of experience in advising customers on the best solution for their individual transport requirements. With plenty of space for test rides this is an ideal local venue for customers to find out all about electric bikes.

Contact Edwin Ferneyhough Vehicle Sales on 01889 577 990

Batribike at Edwin Ferneyhough

I love my bike

Having had mobility problems since my late teens and suffering from extreme pain now I’m in my 50s, I thought I would do my best to get a bit more mobile. As a child I loved cycling and so I looked into getting a traditional bike, due to my problems I could not cope with it so I went and tried a Batribike and I was hooked.

My first “test drive” was amazing, cycling with just a little assistance … or a bit more if necessary. I bought the bike, he’s called Bertie, and took it home. Living in Devon we have hills, everywhere I go I come across a hill but it does not deter me. A hill is a challenge, can I get up it using less power?

Since I bought my Batribike I have reduced my car use, instead of driving to visit friends I now cycle. I can’t walk very far at all but I can cycle a reasonable distance. It has opened up my world and I absolutely love it. Memories of picnics on bikes as a child have been relived and my next venture will be to take Bertie (and my husband) to Normandy and cycle a bit in France, something I would never have considered before he came into my life!

I have become a bit of an ambassador for electric bikes and keep singing their praises, Liz Hodges at Route 2 Bikes in Topsham has been very supportive and helpful and I always recommend her to people who ask me about my bike! Hopefully with obesity becoming an epidemic in the UK and the introduction of more e bikes people will change their “car” mentality and think about using a bike for those short trips.

Keep up the good work making excellent quality, comfortable bikes. Thank you!

Batribike – the complete Electric Bike Package

Diamond Pro electric bikesWhen you are thinking about purchasing an electric bike there is now a bewildering choice out there. There are decisions to be made, and it is not always easy to even know what questions to ask.

At Batribike we believe that visiting your local independent dealer is a great place to start. That is why we have a network of specially selected dealers who can spend time with you, and help you select the right bike for your requirements.

Batribike is a family run business with ten years experience in electric bikes. We have spent a lot of time talking to customers and understanding what they want from an ebike, and we put all of that knowledge into our bikes. Batribike electric bikes are built for the UK market and comply with all the relevant regulations. This is important to us and we have worked hard to ensure our bikes are safe and easy to use.

On top of this we have created a unique package. Batribike is the only brand in the UK to fit the Datatag Stealth Pro security system to all their bikes. In addition we also offer a one month free specialist electric bike insurance from Lexham, one of the UK’s leading insurance brokers. This is a no strings attached offer with no bank details needed and no need to cancel after the month. There is however an added bonus of free recovery, if you should choose to take out a further cover.

At Batribike we believe that the quality and ease of use of our electric bikes alongside this complete peace of mind package puts us ahead of the field.

Contact your local Batribike stockist and take a test ride – we think you will agree, this is a fantastic package.

Flower Festival eBike

Batribike stockist Wilson’s Motorcycles have been using their demo Francis-Barnett electric bike as the basis of an eye-catching display this weekend.

The flower festival at St Peter and Paul church in Kirton, Lincolnshire was open for preview on Friday evening and then open for public viewing until this afternoon.

Shirley Wilson arranged the flowers, and the whole display has been getting some excellent reviews.

Richard Wilson said “We wanted to support the local church and this display has worked very well. It has also been great in raising awareness that we have electric bikes in stock”

Flower Festival eBike

Nottingham Electric Bike Demo


Now Available

The Batribike powered Falcon is an extremely capable folding bike. The centre motor gives great hill climbing ability and the handlebar-mounted display has all the ease of use that you would expect from Batribike. The five levels of power assist couple with six speed Shimano gearing gives great versatility.

The specially designed rack mounting makes the battery secure and still gives plenty of space for panniers or luggage. Ergonomic comfort grips and a comfort saddle make riding a joy.