An Electric Bike Can Give Your Legs That Olympic Boost

POSTED: 13th August 2012

An electric bike is a great way to enjoy cycling if you are not quite an Olympic cyclist but would like to get out and enjoy the freedom of riding on two wheels. We have all enjoyed watching the fabulous spectacle of the Olympics over the last two weeks. The cycling prowess of Team GB winning an astounding twelve medals has been very inspiring. The theme running through the event has been to “Inspire a Generation” but cycling is something that can be enjoyed by many generations.

If you have been inspired to get out on a bike but just don’t have the legs of Bradley Wiggins or Victoria Pendleton why not try an electric bike. Pedal assist allows the rider to choose just how much help they get from the motor. You can choose to have a small amount of help on the flat (or no help) and more on the hills or, if you want to imagine you are an Olympian, you can try maximum assistance and easily pedal yourself to a constant 15 mph. To put that into perspective most leisure cyclists ride at between 8 and 10 mph.

Now that summer has finally arrived why not take a test ride on a Batribike electric bike check out our where to buy pages for your local dealer.

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