B & B’s Seize Tourism Advantage with Electric Bikes

POSTED: 15th April 2013

The Hay-on-Wye Bike Festival this weekend gave many tourism businesses the chance to try out electric bikes and to discuss what the benefits could be to them individually.

Many of the people we spoke to could see the advantages in offering their guests the option to use two-wheel electric transport during their stay. For B & B’s and holiday cottages looking for something to give them that ‘edge’ over their competitors the option of electric bikes could make all the difference.

The Batribike Dash was the bike of choice for most. The versatility of the folding bike means that guests could stow the bikes in the boot of the car and take them to a traffic free location within the National Park to enjoy their ride.

In discussions with a Brecon Beacons National Park, tourism representative we were told that Powys currently has funding available for grants for sustainable tourism. This could be an ideal opportunity for many local small businesses. It was also suggested that a syndicate of businesses could be formed to purchase a pool of electric bikes that could be used by all the businesses in the group.

Batribike can also offer a leasing scheme for vat-registered businesses through its local dealers.

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