Batribike Expands Warehouse Space

POSTED: 2nd December 2013

We have just increased our warehouse space by a whopping 1600 sq. ft. A growing dealer network and increased demand for Batribike electric bikes has meant that space had become a little tight sometimes in the Batribike warehouse.

We are delighted to have been able to expand this space at our existing premises, giving us lots more room to store new bikes. The potentially quieter time during this part of the year seemed to be the ideal moment to do all this work. However we have found that there has been no slow down in demand for electric bikes and we are still busy. In fact we have had two container deliveries in the last four days.

As part of this expansion the Batribike office has also doubled in size and moved into a prestigious new space above the old office and showroom. The move took place over the weekend so as not to disrupt normal working hours. We were up and running with phones and internet in place ready for the start of the day today.

Batribike office

Batribike offices

Workshop facilities have moved into the old showroom and offices. The old showroom incorporates the dealer training facility alongside the workshop and there is a second workshop in the old office.


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