Batribike Travels to Peterborough and Shrewsbury

POSTED: 3rd July 2012

The Batribike Roadshow has been out and about lately with it’s complement of demo electric bikes. First we attended the three day Mobility Roadshow at the East of England Showground at Peterborough. Despite the weather not really being typical for June – lots of showers, windy and to be honest quite chilly. The visitors were keen to visit the Cycle Fest area outside in the elements. Whilst other exhibitors were demonstrating purpose built or adaptive cycle based transport our standard electric bikes and trike came in for a lot of interest.

In many cases those whose partner was using a mobility scooter cited the fact that “They can go for miles! I just can’t walk that fast anymore” The Batribike Breeze proved to be the perfect partner for them. The compact folded size makes it ideal to fit in a vehicle alongside the mobility scooter and the triple level pedal assist allows the rider to match the scooter pace for pace. We were delighted to see so many happy faces trying out the Breeze. With comments like “I can’t believe how easy it is” and “This will make all the difference, we can go out together again now” We knew we had a hit on our hands.

Electric Bikes on Display Ready for the Show to Start

Our next event was Bike Fest 2012 at Shrewsbury, an event aimed at two-wheeled safety, primarily in the motorcycle sector but with Savage Skills the freestyle mountain bike stunt team performing in the arena there was definitely a cycling edge to the event too. We had wondered how the petrol heads would take to electric bicycles, but we had a fantastic reception. Everyone was very interested and the show had a very laid back feel. Our test ride area sat side by side with the motorbike skills area and our test riders were coming back with smiles of pure joy on their faces. “This is fantastic!” and “I want one for my commute!” are just two of the comments from happy test riders.

To top it all the event raised £1800 for the local Air Ambulance, a pretty good result all round. They maybe need to do some more fundraising so that they can afford the rest of the helicopter! Joking apart this is a brilliant way to show the public what it’s all about.


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