Cycling for Heart Health

POSTED: 6th January 2015

The British Heart Foundation is promoting the benefits of cycling in the latest edition of it’s magazine Heart Matters. After the excesses of the festive season many of us are looking for a healthier start to 2015 and cycling could be part of an improved fitness regime. Heart Matters is also promoting the use of electric bikes to get more people out there on the cycleways.

For some people an electric bike can be the best way to get back in the saddle. Whether it’s a long time since you were out on a bike, are recovering from an illness or just want some help when it comes to hills and headwinds an electric bike could be the ideal solution.

Moderate-intensity exercise

Using the bikes electric motor to help your pedalling means you get the health benefits of moderate-intensity exercise. Multiple levels of assistance gives you peace of mind, extra help is available if the going gets tough or you go that little bit further than you had planned.

Electric bikes in the Batribike range also have a thumb throttle. This allows the rider to set off from a standstill on complete power. The first push to get going is often where the most strain is felt. Once momentum is gained it is easier to ride.

Riders who are less able can build their fitness by using higher levels of assistance at the start of their health plan and gradually reduce the level of assistance as their fitness levels increase.

Batribike Dash featured

Heart Matters is the free heart health magazine from the British Heart Foundation. It has information on heart conditions and treatments, the latest research and how to keep your heart healthy. This month, alongside the article on cycling, it also has information on the Batribike Dash.

Look out for the BHF Heart Matters magazine, which is widely distributed including to doctors surgeries and other health venues.


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