Datatag fitted as standard across the range

POSTED: 13th February 2014

Batribike to fit Datatag as standard to whole range

We are the first and currently the only Electric Bike brand to fit the Datatag UV “Stealth” PRO Cycle System as an OEM fitment on all the electric bikes in our range.

This exclusive agreement with Datatag means that as from Monday 17th February every electric bike that leaves our Lincolnshire based warehousing facility will have the Datatag system fitted.

BATRIBIKE fit Datatag as standardThe Datatag UV “Stealth” PRO Cycle System is a Police Preferred Crime Prevention Product. The fitment will be in three parts:-

  • UV etching of identification codes on the bike and the battery.
  • A specially designed Datatag tamper evident label that contains a unique cycle identification number and QR code.
  • Datadots®, a superior microdot identification system. The dots will be located on many of the individual components of the bikes.


Batribike director Sue Coulson said “We are excited to be working with Datatag. This is an unprecedented move to fit Datatag to each and every model in our range.”

“We believe that there are many advantages to having the system fitted. Our customers often worry about the possibility of theft and Datatag has a proven track record as a deterrent. There are other benefits too, including cheaper insurance as major insurers offer reduced premiums for Datatagged bikes.”

The move reinforces Batribike’s position as a major electric bike brand in the UK, offering high quality technology at affordable prices.

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