Electric Bike Survey Interim Results

POSTED: 24th May 2012

BEBA, The British Electric Bicycle Association has been conducting an important survey on usage since the beginning of April. Initial results have been published and make for interesting reading.

Most of the respondents filling in the survey lived in the South East. Do you live elsewhere in the country? It would be good to have input from other areas. The survey is still collecting data as these are interim results. Please take a moment to fill in the survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/B5XFRYD

The results showed that most would not have bought an electric bike if it didn’t have a throttle and that they used it when they needed a rest rather than all the time. The main use was shown as an almost equal split between commuting and leisure with an average journey distance of 6 – 10 miles.

The two main reasons for choosing electric assistance were to get help with hills and for fitness/exercise. The BEBA report notes that “It’s cheating” and “You’re lazy” are comments often received from the cycling fraternity. These results show that many purchase an electric bike not only for assistance on hills but also for fitness and exercise. Many aren’t fit enough to ride a normal bicycle whereas an electric bike gives them the opportunity to increase their fitness in stages.

The most popular price for an electric bike was up to £1000 and more than half the purchases were made through a store rather than online or secondhand. This highlights the fact that most consumers prefer to “try before they buy” and prefer to deal directly with a store where they can return for annual servicing.

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