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POSTED: 9th July 2015

If an electric bike throttle is important to you then the best advice is Buy Now!

There has been a lot about this in the press and at Batribike we thought it was important to keep everyone up to date on the situation as we see it.

Up to date information on regulation changes

Breeze electric bikeWe have known for some time that aligning with the EU Law would mean that electric bike throttle regs would change. However, all the information that we had from the relevant agencies was that there would be a way of Type Approving an electric bike that had a throttle but otherwise complied with EN15194. This Type Approval would then allow it still to be classified as a bicycle within the UK.

It appears now that this will not be the case. There is currently no way to type approve and still retain bicycle classification. Bicycles type approved using L1e-B Mopeds, will be classed as a Moped and riders will have to adhere to those regulations – helmet, licence, registration etc. they will also not be allowed on cycle paths.

This currently means that on bikes sold after 1st January 2016 assistance over 4mph / 6kph must cut out when you stop pedalling. The walk assist or easy start function that can take the bike up to 4 mph is part of the EN15194 regs. and will still be allowable. Above 4 mph the pedals must be turning for the power to work.

Regulations not retrospective

These regulations are NOT retrospective and what is known as “Grandfather rights” apply, so that if you already have an electric bike throttle, and the bike otherwise meets EN15194, such as the Batribike range, there will be no issue.

There is still some “woolliness” in the wording of official sources, a reference to existing models may mean that for electric bikes currently being produced, the throttle could be sold up until 1st January 2017, but at the time of writing we do not have a definitive answer to this. What we do know is that after 1st January 2016 our manufacturing must comply with the new regs.

Batribike electric bikes conform to latest regs.

It is important to us that our electric bikes and electric trikes conform to the current regulations and therefore any new Batribike models launched after 1st January 2016 will not have the twist and go throttle.

We would therefore advise that if you require an electric bike or electric trike with a throttle it would be best to purchase sooner rather than later.

Batribike Trike 20

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