Two Year Battery Warranty Launched

POSTED: 12th March 2013

Batribike is delighted to announce that customers will now be able to extend their battery warranty from one year to two years free of charge. (Terms and conditions apply.)

Bikes dispatched from the Batribike warehouse from 11th March 2013 will have an extended warranty upgrade battery. To activate the battery warranty upgrade the customer must complete the registration either online or via the registration card supplied with the bike within 28 days of purchase.

To complete the registration owners must state that they have read the battery information that includes care details. Reading this information will help owners to get the best performance from their battery and ultimately their electric bike.

Batribike believes that offering the extended warranty will increase the already high confidence that customers have in the bikes. “Providing clear and accurate facts about Lithium batteries and how to care for them has always been a key part of our customer support.”

The battery information is now readily available on the Batribike website and the online warranty registration has been incorporated as part of the recent website updates.

Many electric bike owners are not aware that it is important to keep batteries charged and topped up even when not in use, they are then disappointed when the batteries fail. Encouraging owners to be aware of the best way to look after their bikes will prevent future disappointments.

At Batribike we believe that it is important to give our customers the best information so that they in turn can get the best out of their Batribike electric bikes. Giving customers the opportunity to upgrade their battery warranty from 1 to 2 years free of charge, yet ensuring at the same time that they have all the correct information to care for that battery puts the customer in a win, win, situation.

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