Updated Batribike Website Features

POSTED: 7th March 2013

There have been some exciting changes happening on the Batribike website this week. The changes are all designed to make finding information and getting about the site much easier.

There is now a ‘search the Batribike website’ feature in the top right corner of the front page. This allows you to go directly to a list of pages containing your search words. For instance if you want to find the Diamond Manual you can now find it easily rather than looking through the site.

In the centre of the front page there are now direct quick links to all the bikes. Additionally there is a link to a ‘comparison chart’ this is great for checking out which of the bikes have which main features.

The final change is ‘Sue’s Blog’. As well as the original link to the blog there are now little snippets from the last three posts so that readers can keep up to date with the latest happenings in Batribike Land.

We think that these latest changes are a good improvement to the site. We hope you do too.

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