Breeze Review – via Facebook

REVIEW DATE: 4th August 2014
MODEL: Breeze

….I have had my Batribike Breeze for about 6 weeks now and am enjoying it……..

The 6 speed deraileur gears are a little low geared but it makes for easy riding……

The removeable battery provides adequate power to pull away without any wobbles and then the pedals are turned to provide assistance from the rear hub motor…..

There are 3 levels of electrical assistance and on the lowest level I would estimate a range of 50 to 60 miles plus I have pedaled from St Ives to Cambridge and back along the cycle path beside the guided busway and on return I still had 2 led lights from 4 showing on the battery capacity….

On this trip I used a combination of pedal assist at all levels and also quite a way using electric only by operation of the thumb throttle. The folded bike fits neatly in my hatchback Toyota Yaris.

I would thoroughly recommend the Batribike Breeze.  A well made folding bike which has enabled me with a broken ankle to get back on a bike after many years and get some not too taxing exercise…….

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