Dash and Dealer Review

REVIEW DATE: July 2013

We have been the proud owners of 2 Dash bikes for just over a week. Very pleased with our purchases from Cyclelife Weymouth. Tim, the owner is a diamond. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable and a delight to deal with. No hard sell, just knowledge, and after trying a demonstrator he had available we had no hesitation in ordering two bikes from him. We know he will provide any support we may need.

The bikes are very impressive and everything about the available pedal assist modes, auto etc have been well thought out and give you all the choices you need. The 6th gear is high enough to be able to pedal comfortably at up to say 18mph. Climbs hills with ease and just transforms cycling enjoyment. The only minor criticism would be the suspension which although on the seat and front forks does not seem to cushion any bumps. I am 12.5 stone so not too heavy but not a deal buster at all.

Otherwise well done Batribike a great bike and we are both delighted with our purchases. If you are interested and within striking distance of Weymouth you won’t be sorry to deal with Tim at Cyclelife.

John R, 16th July 2013, via web form

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