Dash review sent to local dealer – Ashleigh Engineering

REVIEW DATE: 14th October 2014
MODEL: Dash and Trike 20

This review was sent to the local dealer – Ashleigh Engineering in Grange-over-Sands:-

Hi Reg,

Just a line to say thanks again for your help with the Dash fold up bike, it’s a revelation & so easy to use. Even for someone as tall as me (6’3” the last time I looked) it’s comfortable to ride & really easy to use around town on the thumb throttle / pedals combo & folded up it takes no room at all to store.

On the down-side I wouldn’t recommend one to someone to use with a conventional car due to its weight. Inevitably someone would hurt themselves lifting it in & out of a conventional boot but a hatchback or estate should be no problem at all.

Thanks very much for introducing us to this great little bike, we’re looking forward to many happy times on it, winter & summer.

Best regards

Then after suggesting that the user take off the battery before lifting, the following extra review was submitted:-

Hi Reg,

Taking the battery off before lifting is a no-brainer (at 7.5lbs it’s a weighty piece of kit) to save weight but more significantly, gives you something to grip (the downtube) which is what you’d do with a conventional bike. It’s just worth a mention in your sales pitch if weight is thought to be an issue with a customer.

I was very surprised how easy the bike is to pedal without power as I expected it to be hard work.

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