Scottish OMEGA review

REVIEW DATE: 13 April 2017

Bike miles 2005-2016 – Zero.
Bike miles 1st to 13th April 2017 (first two weeks ownership) – 50!

Like so many reviewers here, at 70 and defeated by the surrounding hills, I thought my cycling days were over. The Omega has put me back on the saddle, and combined with the warm start to April, has reawakened my pleasure in seeing the countryside from the unique perspective of a bike. It’s probably making me fitter, too, but I’m not making any premature claims! I’m not back to 25 miles a day, yet, but I am getting there.

This is not a technical review. Any prospective purchaser will have plenty of those to go through on line. In short, I concluded that Batribikes had build quality, customer satisfaction and technical features at the right price for me. I chose the Omega because the 26″ wheels, step through frame and 7 gear combination suited me and, after trying one, the design and comfort suited me too. Others will have their own preferences.

No, this review is just to say, “Yee-hah! Back in the saddle again!” The power assistance flattens the hills without giving me a free ride, the fresh air and scenic immersion is all the better for the years of deprivation, and well – just go out and get one.

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