Storm – web review

REVIEWED BY: Phil from Bude
REVIEW DATE: 21 Sept 2015
MODEL: Storm

I recently bought a second hand electric bike as I am 2 months on from suffering a heart attack. I was delighted with my purchase, or at least I thought I was until I took a test ride on the Batribike Storm!

Our local bike shop, Bude Bikes, was holding an electric bike demo day so I thought I’d have a go on a range of new models, to see how they compared to my Cyclamatic.

I first took the Raleigh’s Forge, Captus, and Motus models for a test and was very disappointed with all except the Forge. Rattling chains, clunky gears and, what seemed to me, to be a weird power delivery with the centre motor models.

I then tried the Storm!

Mountain bike frame with fully adjustable suspension, lockable forks, 24 gears and disk brakes with a much more modern look than anything in the Raleigh range.

Within 50 metres of setting off, I was smitten.

The power available with the 6 modes delivered an outstanding performance and so comfortable too! I thought I’d give it a decent test so headed away on the nearby cycle path then onto a steep and bendy narrow hill road. I was not disappointed as I climbed the hill with ease and within no time I’d reached the top. On then to the main road for my return journey into town. I was soon speeding along at full tilt and going up and down gradients with out breaking into a sweat. I was soon back to the dealership to hand the bike back. My mind was made up and an order was promptly placed!

Since taking delivery I’ve covered just over 70 miles, in a week, on 3 rides. I’ve found the throttle mode,(1) probably the most useful as you can cycle along under your own power and gently twist the throttle to give that little boost when needed. The 24 speed Shimano gears allow the steepest of hills to be easily conquered. Battery life is outstanding too, still showing 75% remaining after a 26 mile trip. Despite its wide MTB tyres it is even surprisingly easy to ride, with the power off and ‘under my own steam’. The grip available with these tyres is very stable with excellent braking, from the disk brakes.

My only disappointment is with the battery / key. The keys only function is to lock the battery to the frame. The key has no definitive lock / unlock position and feels ‘sloppy’. In my opinion it should be spring loaded with a definite solid feel and should also be used as the main way of switching the power on and off, rather than the separate press button! Perhaps this could be looked into and improved to match the other excellent specs of this brilliant bike.

All in all, I would thoroughly recommend the Storm. A truly brilliant Ebike and a so much better than my old Cylamatic! Well done Batribike and thank you for providing me with the kind of machine I can confidently ride, to aid my recovery, knowing that if I get a bit tired I have ample power to get home safely.

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