Trike 20 Review – Customer

REVIEW DATE: September 2013
MODEL: Trike 20

Received my Batribike Trike 20 today. So far so good I have had a good look around the trike it looks well made. Had a small initial trip then have put it away to give it a good charge.

The first thing I noticed was how comfortable the seat was, and having a little bit of suspension under it aids a more comfortable ride. Still feel a bit unsure of the tilt effect can’t make my mind up if I like it on or off. It had a quiet sound to the motor compared to some I have seen. Quick reaction and the different assist modes are a joy as I can control how much effort I put into the ride thus helping me get stronger on each trip.

I am looking forward to riding it tomorrow and will give a better review as I get more used to it and the design. I want to encourage others to write a review as I would have liked to have read more before I bought mine. But not many Batribike Trike 20 reviews to be found. So come on trike riders lets have more reviews let’s explore our new exciting life with our bikes.

May I suggest also it would be good to have some kind of forum with pics of people out on their Trikes. To help share the importance of these Trikes and their experiences of life on the road. Thank you for taking time to read this. I will write more about my adventures with my trike later.

Part 2

Having given my Batribike Trike 20 a good testing today. Rode 6 miles on it, hilly terrain and flat. Seat is very comfortable and gives a smooth comfortable ride. I have a dog basket fitted on the back and the dog had no complaints either. This trike is the best thing I have bought, it certainly has the wow factor.

I believe I should become a Batribike rep because so many people stopped me to ask about the bike. I gave three demonstrations on how it worked. Everyone I spoke to wanted one. I would give the Batribike 10/10 love it. I enjoy it more than I did my car. That’s saying a lot.

Thank you Batribike you have set me free.

Beverley B, 14th & 20th September 2013, via web review form.

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