Trike 20 Review via Customer Web Form

REVIEW DATE: 1st March 2014
MODEL: Trike 20

I received my Batribike Trike yesterday and had my first outing today. What a joy!

Although heavier than my previous Viking Cargo trike, it really doesn’t feel it. I chose not to have the tilt on as I can’t ride a two wheel bike. The turning cycle is small, the trike is very responsive and despite my husband telling me that I would never use the pedals, I used them most of the time. The battery doesn’t seem to add to the weight in comparison to what I have used before. However, being overweight and unfit, I used the battery assist when I got really tired.

Amazing, wonderful and a huge relief to be able to rely on it. I had great fun trying out the throttle, which is excellent. This is something that I won’t use very often but, if in a hurry to get somewhere, it will be absolutely perfect. Everything seems to mesh together very well and the whole thing is really easy to use; even for someone who is completely non-technical like me.

I have one slight concern that the pedals seemed to ‘slip’ on two occasions when I tried to push away quite firmly and we did have to fiddle quite a bit to get the blue connection out from the battery to recharge the trike. My husband looked this up on the internet and it was actually very simple when you know how. I’m sure that these are teething troubles which will resolve when I become more familiar with it.

To conclude, I agree with Mrs Salter’s [previous reviewer] comments and I think this machine will change my life too. I am SO impressed and I can’t wait to go out on it again.

Lastly, I would like to compliment FunBikes for their excellent service, price and communication.

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