Atmosphere Electric Bike Festival

DATE: Sunday, June 10, 2012 -

Batribike are delighted to be attending the Electric Bike Festival organised by Atmosphere Electric Bikes in conjunction with Bristol’s BIG Green Week. The Electric Bike Festival is to be held in Park Street right in the very heart of the City of Bristol. Park Street will be closed so that a special event showing off the performance characteristics will be held on this hilly street under the watchful eye of compare Robert Llewellyn (How Do They Do That / Scrap Heap Challenge / Red Dwarf). Robert is also an authority on electric cars so this event will certainly pique his interest. There will be a non-stop trial area to try out electric bicycles a great chance to see what they can really do. Batribike along with other major manufacturers will have a range of bikes for customers to try. There will be lots to see all day with a display of electric cars, ‘Wacky Bikes’ – showing off the weird and wonderful, live music, celebrities and a grand finale parade.

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