Mobility Show

LOCATION: Peterborough
DATE: Thursday, June 21, 2012 - Saturday, June 23, 2012

Batribike electric bikes and electric trikes will be on display at the UK’s original hands-on consumer event. The Mobility show has been demonstrating mobility innovation for nearly 30 years. If you are disabled keeping fit can be even more important than for a non-disabled person but everyday exercise such as walking, jogging and running can be out of reach. Exercise is important to help prevent obesity and cardiovascular disease and a good fitness level can also mean greatly enhanced mobility. Electric bikes are a great way for riders with joint or leg weakness or general stamina issues to get into cycling. Multi level pedal assist allows the rider to choose how much assistance they require. This could be from just low-level background help on the flat up to maximum assistance for inclines. The Batribike Trike is a compact electric tricycle designed to give freedom to those who prefer a more stable platform. The rear wheelbase is narrower than a conventional larger wheeled trike making it easier to fit through doorways yet still giving the rider stability. Multi-level pedal assist is also a feature of the trike giving riders control over how much assistance they choose to use.

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