What should I do if you get an Error Code on the LCD models

What should I do if you get an Error Code on the LCD models

The BATRIBIKE LCD models have built in Error diagnostics. If you get an Error displayed with a number then make a note of it and turn off your bike for a couple of minutes. Turn it back on and if the code is still displayed then contact your Dealer for assistance, quoting the code. (If the code is not displayed again then it can be ignored).

Where can I find the Serial Number on my BATRIBIKE Electric Bike?

The position of the Serial Number varies depending on which model you have purchased. On most of our bikes it can be found in one of two places; on the headstock near the top of the forks, or under the frame between the pedals. If in doubt you can contact your local dealer or direct to Batribike via the contact us form for advice.

How does BATRIBIKE test the maximum weight limit on the Diamond?

When our bikes go for their testing to make sure they comply with European standard EN15194, one part of the procedure is a vibration test which has a simulated load. The load we tell the laboratory that we want our bikes to safely carry is 130Kg for the Diamond, (and most of our other models), so they set up the test rig accordingly to make sure the bikes can stand this weight under simulated riding conditions.

How can I reset the Trip on my 2012 LCD (3 button)

The LCD Control on the latest BATRIBIKE Models has been updated to provide a User Controlled reset function for the TRIP Distance and Time functions. (The previous model automatically reset the Trip values every time the system was turned off). This only applies to the 3 Button LCD models.

Download an Addendum to the Manual for the Sprint, LCD Range and XL manuals. (In PDF Format – opens in new window).

How do I activate the throttle mode on my new Batribike?

The latest versions of the LCD and XL models of Diamond, Granite and Quartz all have five levels of pedal assist power with a sixth level being the throttle. If this is not activated on your bike, (cannot select level 6), then contact your dealer where you bought the bike and they can set this up for you. It is a dealer settable option when the bike is initially configured.

What is the Electric Bike Law in the UK?

The laws regarding electric bikes in the UK and the EU are not currently aligned. See our info page on ‘Electric Bikes and the Law

How far can they go?

In pedal assist mode on level ground, most of our range can travel between 40 to 60 miles. The Trikes have a range of around 20 to 25 miles and the breeze, up to 40 miles. All of our range have multiple power levels so that the rider can choose how much help they require.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Helmets are not compulsory by law.
However we recommend that you wear clothing appropriate to the road and weather conditions.

What is launch assist?

This enables the rider to set off at up to 4mph without pedalling. It is useful for hill starts or when in traffic or at traffic lights. The hardest part of cycling is the initial push to get going. This puts the most strain on a riders joints. The launch assist helps to overcome the initial resistance and helps a rider to get up to speed without wobbling.

Will I be able to change the assistance level when wearing gloves?

We have been able to use the buttons on the handlebar display even when wearing quite padded gloves.

I store my bike in my garage where I have power. Do I need to take the battery off to charge it?

No. The battery can be charged on or off the bike.

Can I ride my Batribike on forest tracks?

All of the bikes in the Batribike range are fitted with tyres suitable for multi surface use. They are great for gravel tracks, cycle trails and paths as well as tarmac surfaces.

How easy is it to repair a puncture in the rear wheel?

It is no more difficult than a conventional pedal cycle. There is a plug and socket in the wire to the rear motor, simply unplug and the wheel can be removed.

Can I still charge my battery when I am on a campsite with limited hook-up?

Yes. The charger supplied with your bike will draw a maximum of 2 Amps. Almost all campsite hook-ups deliver a minimum of 6 Amps.

Can I fit my own saddle?

Yes, Our bikes are made using standard Cycle parts and therefore most standard saddles will fit.

If I brake will the motor keep going?

No, there is a switch in the brake lever that immediately cuts the motor when you pull the brake.

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