Electric Bikes and the Law

The law regarding electric bikes is somewhat confusing and sometimes a little blurred. Currently the law in the UK is different to that in the EU but some aspects are the same.

The minimum riding age is 14

The bike must weigh less than 40kg (60kg for trikes)

Speed must be restricted to 15.5 mph (25 kph)

Maximum continuous motor output 200/250 W

EN 15194 is the official standard for electric bikes in the EU. We understand that at some point the UK is likely to align with the EU but currently there is no fixed date for this to happen.

Electric bicycles conforming to the UK law and purchased before the change will still be legal in the UK. Batribike Electric Bicycles conform to EN 15194

Throttles that operate without the pedals being turned and therefore being able to be ridden on power alone are not legal in the EU but can be used in the UK.

Throttles that operate whilst the pedals are turning and are only used to regulate the power are legal in the UK and the EU.

Electric bikes do NOT require an MOT, road tax or a licence.


Electric Bikes and the Law in the UK

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