Bike Carrier, Dumfries, Scotland

A and G Motorcycles is the official stockist for the Cykell bike carrier in Dumfries, Scotland. The established family run business is passionate about two-wheeled transport of all kinds and is also a Batribike electric bikes stockist.

AandG Motorcycles

Award winning bike carrier

Bike carrierCykell’s “just click” bicycle rack introduces a new generation of tow-ball mounted bike carrier. The Belgian Company won a Red Dot Design Award in 2014 for this simple to use design. The 60kg load capacity of the Cykell cycle carrier makes it ideal for electric bikes as well as conventional bicycles.

The Cykell bike carrier is compact when folded, then, the just click system allows the user to extend the lights and wheel trays easily. The lights come with a 13 pin plug and a 7 pin adaptor as standard.

The bike carrier is ultra simple to use. All you need is a tow ball either of the standard modern or swan neck type*. Place the carrier onto the tow ball, unfold and just click. The green indicator shows that the rack is fixed securely. The carrier locks onto the tow ball for security, the same key is used to lock each individual bike to the carrier using the lockable arms. The carrier can easily be tilted to allow access to hatchbacks even when bikes are loaded.

Transporting your bicycles has never been easier

The outer wheel tray is slightly higher on both the 2 bike and 3 bike carrier making it much easier to fit the bikes on. No more clashing pedals or saddles.

Bike carrier accessories

If you want to take an occasional extra bike the optionsal Extra Bike Extension is ideal. The extra wheel tray uses the just click system and clips easily into the outer rail, the supplied lockable arm then securely fastens to the adjacent bike. This allows the addition of a 3rd bike to the two bike carrier, or a 4th bike to the three bike carrier.

The optional Loading Ramp uses the just click system and clips easily into the end of any of the wheel trays. This allows the bike to be pushed up into position rather than lifted.

*Older style tow balls, not to the modern standard, can be simply and cheaply replaced. Check out the Tow Ball Requirements page for dimensional details.

The Cykell carrier comes complete, fully built and ready to use straight out of the box.

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