Electric Bikes, Cambridge, UK

For electric bikes in Cambridge look no further than Batribike electric bicycle dealers Haywards of Huntingdon Road.

Electric bikes can be ridden by anyone aged 14 or over and do not require a licence, mot or road tax. They can be ridden anywhere a normal pedal cycle can go which opens up a network of traffic free routes to commuters and leisure cyclists.

Batribike OmegaAdvantages

There are  many advantages to electric bikes. They allow the rider to choose the level of assistance they require. The bikes can be ridden with low assistance on the flat and then the power increased when faced with a head wind or hill. This facility makes them very efficient and allows the rider to tailor the power to suit their needs exactly.

Electric bikes flatten the hills and allow commuters to maintain a constant speed. Consequently getting them to work without the exertion that would necessitate a shower or change of clothes.

Local rides

In Cambridge, cycling accounts for about 25% of all journeys to work, which is one of the highest in Europe.  However only 2% of all journeys over one mile are made by bike. Research shows that riders with electric bikes will undertake longer journeys whether for commuting or leisure. The electric assistance makes riding easier and takes the strain out of joints.

cloverCambridgeshire is one of the best places in the country to cycle it has an extensive cycle route network for all to enjoy. Electric bikes make riding in the countryside a pleasure, watching the changing seasons or as a means to visiting local attractions.

There is nothing more satisfying than a day out with a picnic enjoying the fresh air and gentle exercise. Particularly when you know that the return journey is not going to be a struggle.

Often consumers buy a bicycle with good intentions to get fit but all too often it is left in the garage or shed. Research shows that customers who buy electric bikes are far more likely to ride more often and further.



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