Electric Bike, Long Stratton, Norfolk

Stratton Cycle Shed logoStratton Cycle Shed is the local outlet to purchase a Batribike electric bike in Long Stratton in Norfolk. The business is alongside the Tudor Bakehouse coffee shop, which serves drinks and snacks. Cycle enthusiast Neil who has cycle toured extensively runs Stratton Cycle Shed. He offers repair and servicing to all types of bicycles and can give specialist advice on which type of electric bike is suitable for you.

Commute or leisure by electric bike

Electric bikes can take the strain out of your ride whether you use your bike for leisure or for commuting. The easy to use handlebar mounted display allows the rider to select the level of assistance required. Some riders may prefer to have a small amount of assistance on the flat and increase that for hills and headwinds. Commuters may choose to use the highest level of assistance allowing them to arrive wearing ‘destination clothing’ and not in need of a shower and change of clothes!

Local cycling

South Norfolk is home to more than 100 small parishes where you will find clusters of thatched cottages, welcoming pubs and historic churches, a wonderful location to jump on your electric bike and explore some great cycling routes. Whilst it isn’t possible to cycle on the footpaths which form the Boudicca Way a similar alternative route can easily be achieved using quiet country roads.

The Sustrans National Cycle Network Route 1 passes through South Norfolk via Fakenham and on to Harwich. Additionally Regional Route 30 goes through Diss and on to Bungay.

Stratton Cycle ShedTest Ride

Contact Stratton Cycle Shed to arrange an electric bike test ride. You will be amazed to find out just how easy it is to ride.

Stratton Cycle Shed
The Street
Long Stratton, Norfolk NR15 2XJ
Phone: 07798 718492
Email: longstratton@batribike.com





Stratton Cycle Shed

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