Electric Bike, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire Electric Bike CentreSouth Yorkshire Electric Bike Centre is the local Batribike dealer for electric bike purchasers in and around Rotherham. The specialist team at SYEBC will be delighted to advise on the best electric bike to suit your requirements.

SYEBC says “If you’ve never considered an electric bike before you are missing a fantastic opportunity. Get fitter, have an easier commute or just unlock the freedom to explore.”

Hand built in Europe

Batribike electric bikes are hand built in Europe to the latest UK and EU regulations. Batribike electric bikes are legal to use in Britain and require no license or MOT.

The high quality finish on the frames is followed through with high quality components and excellent warranties. Furthermore the top of the range Datatag cycle security marking package, is fitted as standard. Also all the bikes come with a one month free insurance backed by two wheel specialists, Lexham Insurance.

Local routes

Rotherham is close to both the Trans Pennine Trail and the Longdene Trail. These long distance trails are cycle friendly and predominantly utilise disused railway lines that enjoy gentle gradients.

An electric bike is a great way to get around, whether you are looking for an alternative means of commuting of are looking for a new way to enjoy the countryside.

Commuters and leisure riders

Commuting is great with electric motor assistance. It gives you the ability to maintain a steady speed without the need to over exert yourself, allowing you to arrive at work feeling fresh and ready for the day ahead.

quintessential_ebike_rideLeisure cyclists are surprised by the freedom an electric bike can give. It allows you, the rider, to go further than you would have previously considered. A day out can be so much more enjoyable when the worry of the return journey is removed.

South Yorkshire Electric Bike Centre

Contact the South Yorkshire Electric Bike Centre to find out about test riding a Batribike electric bicycle. The team will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise on the right choice of Batribike for you.

South Yorkshire Electric Bike Centre
9 Stadium Court
Mangham Road
Rotherham, South Yorkshire S62 6EW
Phone: 01709 886677
Email: rotherham@batribike.com






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