Electric Bikes, Brighton and Hove

Cycle Brighton LogoFor electric bikes in Brighton and Hove look no further than Cycle Brighton. The family run business is the place to go for ebike tours, hire and sales. The team is passionate about all things bicycle and believe that electric bikes are a great way to cope with the hills of Brighton and Hove.

Brighton and Hove City Council is committed to maximising cycling within the area. They have not only improved cycle lanes they have also installed bike parking in various locations. NCR 2 (National Cycle Route) the long distance cycle route from Dover to St Austell, runs along the seafront, and is predominantly traffic free for this section.

Electric bikes for transport

Batribike AlphaElectric bikes are a brilliant means of transport whether you need to get to the local shop, commute to work or have a leisurely day out. The handlebar-mounted display allows the rider to easily choose the correct level of assistance for them. As the pedals are turned, the rotation sensor picks up on the movement and switches the motor on to assist the rider.

Batribike has a range of frame styles from folding to Dutch style step-through or crossbar. Folding electric bikes are very versatile and can easily be fitted into the boot of a car or stowed in a motorhome or caravan. Electric motor assistance allows riders to cope with hills, headwinds or carry luggage with ease.

Electric bikes for sale or hire

Perdu electric bikeCycle Brighton has a range of electric bikes for hire, they will advise on the right bike for you, and they can even provide you with maps of suggested local routes.

Contact Cycle Brighton to arrange a test ride for purchase or a longer hire on one of the electric bikes.

Cycle Brighton
86 Ethel Street
Brighton, BN3 3LL
Phone: 01273 567733
Email: brighton@batribike.com





Cycle Brighton

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